Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4

The EF Code-First Library is a very cool feature of the Visual Studio 2010 tools that will allow developers to get their applications running quickly – a full persistent data entity model can be created without having to configure a database, run any tools, configure any XML files, or define any base data entity classes. One of the coolest things is the way the database model can be changed automatically when changes to the entity model are made and the automatic creation of the primary keys and relationships between the tables. This should be a real time saver to developers.

To use the features you require the EF4 (ships with VS2010), SQL Server CE 4.0 and the EF Code-First Library (the CTP can be downloaded from here)

Scott Guthrie has done a really good job of explaining the steps to using the EF Code-First Library in his blog post.


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